Hansgrohe shower head

Hansgrohe shower head

Hansgrohe shower head. Raindance select overhead showers : from shoulder to shoulder.

Overhead showers from the highest standart. Look up from the next frontier in showering is overhead, all thanks to a simple button . Simply press the select button in the center to choose from the RainAir or Rain spray for maximum relaxation in the shower. Our Raindance Select overhead showers also come in both our classic round version and in a contemporary soft cube form with  finishes varying from pure chrome, brushed nickel or the dual-finish white/chrome. Showering in style never felt so easy. Finally, the spray face is removable and easy to clean, which means it will stay both beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Raindance Select S 240 2 – jet Showerhead.

Raindance select E300 2 – jet showerhead.

Rain air.

Every single drop of water from the Rain air spray bursts forth from a large wide jet: Large voluminous drops enriched with air. It’s perfect for those who delight in a soft, relaxing rain.


Focused water released from smaller, Narrow jets offer strong Rain stream to effortlessly rinse out shampoo. Those who enjoy an efficient shower can now rejoice, reinvigorate under the spray, and run to their next commitment.

Hansgrohe shower head – The loveliest kind of rain

Make it rain on you at home – in the nicest possible way

People are different and so are their preferences when it comes to the daily shower. Different shower shapes , sizes , and spray make every shower experience fun and unique for each person. HANSGROHE shower head offers a large variety of Raindance overhead shower , so that everyone can find their perfect shower.

Shower size

Whether a refreshing water jet, or perhaps drop that gently envelop the body at shoulder width , we all have our own ideas of the perfect shower. Which is why we offer a choice of overhead showers ranging from 7 to 24 inches in diameter.

HANSGROHE shower head – Clean design language.

The preferred shower can be chosen not only from various sizes , but also in different shaped.

HANSGROHE shower head – Sprays for every desire.

Because every day deserves a different shower , water can be enjoyed in different ways. The Raindance E 420 AIR provides additional water pleasure. Its waterfall Spray RainFlow awakens a new energy.

Hansgrohe shower head

Several type from HANSGROHE shower head such as above picture.