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Hansgrohe Raindance handshowers

HANSGROHE Raindance handshowers

HANSGROHE Raindance handshowers The right one for everyone.

Experience the multiple benefits of a handshower. Advanced technology and a variety of options . With a Raindance handshower , you can control the intensity and direction of the spray easily n intuitively. All Raindance handshowers feature air injection , enhance the quality n the performance of the spray . HANSGROHE Raindance handshowers are available in different sizes , styles , n finish option to suit your individual desires.

Raindance E 150 air  – 3 jet handshower , Raindance S 120 Air , C 100 air

Choose your preferred versatility in the bathroom

A fixed showerhead may not provide the same benefit for one user as it does for another. It is for the reason that HANSGROHE invented the wallbar in 1953. Wallbar fitted with an angle adjustable handshower holder , allow you to easily adjust the removeable handshower to your individual height by simply sliding the holder up or down the wallbar , addressing the needs of multiple users and thereby enhancing your showering experience.

HANSGROHE Raindance select handshowers

Innovative at your fingertips. Experience individual comford in form and function.

We all want what feels best in our everyday shower. However , what feel best is a matter of personal preference. That is why all HANSGROHE Raindance Select handshowers feature three spray modes , which you can easily switch intuitively at the touch of a button . Want more options than that our select handshowera are also available in chrome brushed nickel , and the dual finish white / chrome , as well as reduced flow version , which reduces water consumption by up to 40% , without sacrificing performance experience one individually or as a shower set in combination with a wallbar.

HANSGROHE Raindance handshowers

RainAir : Gentle air enriched drops from large jets.

Rain : Strong shower rain from smaller jets – perfect for rinsing shampoo out of the hair.

Whirl : Concentrated messaging spray from rotating jets to relieve tension.

Select button : Allow you to switch spray modes intuitively at the touch of a button.

HANSGROHE Raindance handshowers : EcoRight , Responsibility and performance.

hansgrohe raindance handshowers

Hansgrohe shower head

Hansgrohe shower head

Hansgrohe shower head. Raindance select overhead showers : from shoulder to shoulder.

Overhead showers from the highest standart. Look up from the next frontier in showering is overhead, all thanks to a simple button . Simply press the select button in the center to choose from the RainAir or Rain spray for maximum relaxation in the shower. Our Raindance Select overhead showers also come in both our classic round version and in a contemporary soft cube form with  finishes varying from pure chrome, brushed nickel or the dual-finish white/chrome. Showering in style never felt so easy. Finally, the spray face is removable and easy to clean, which means it will stay both beautiful and functional for many years to come.

Raindance Select S 240 2 – jet Showerhead.

Raindance select E300 2 – jet showerhead.

Rain air.

Every single drop of water from the Rain air spray bursts forth from a large wide jet: Large voluminous drops enriched with air. It’s perfect for those who delight in a soft, relaxing rain.


Focused water released from smaller, Narrow jets offer strong Rain stream to effortlessly rinse out shampoo. Those who enjoy an efficient shower can now rejoice, reinvigorate under the spray, and run to their next commitment.

Hansgrohe shower head – The loveliest kind of rain

Make it rain on you at home – in the nicest possible way

People are different and so are their preferences when it comes to the daily shower. Different shower shapes , sizes , and spray make every shower experience fun and unique for each person. HANSGROHE shower head offers a large variety of Raindance overhead shower , so that everyone can find their perfect shower.

Shower size

Whether a refreshing water jet, or perhaps drop that gently envelop the body at shoulder width , we all have our own ideas of the perfect shower. Which is why we offer a choice of overhead showers ranging from 7 to 24 inches in diameter.

HANSGROHE shower head – Clean design language.

The preferred shower can be chosen not only from various sizes , but also in different shaped.

HANSGROHE shower head – Sprays for every desire.

Because every day deserves a different shower , water can be enjoyed in different ways. The Raindance E 420 AIR provides additional water pleasure. Its waterfall Spray RainFlow awakens a new energy.

Hansgrohe shower head

Several type from HANSGROHE shower head such as above picture.

Grohe kitchen

GROHE kitchen

GROHE kitchen

GROHE Parkfield inspired by nature.

Inspired by the simplicity of nature and the elegance of classical forms, the new GROHE Parkfield faucet. Offers users a tactile experience with a rounded handle n curved body, beautifully highlighted by both the GROHE StarLight chrome n supersteel finish options. Ease of use is at the heart of Parkfield, with a pull out spray with locking feature that lets you switch easily between two spray modes, perfect for rinsing the sink or washing vegetables. The faucet also incorporates GROHE’s SpeedClean nozzles, which lets users remove limescale with a single swipe of the finger. Parkfield’s mix of comfort, flexibility n perfect control not only makes preparing food easy, but cleaning up afterwards is a breeze too.

dual spray pull down

GROHE Kitchen – GROHE EURODISC Cosmopolitan

Leaves no wish unfulfilled

In developing GROHE kitchen EURODISC Cosmopolitan , we thought about people who are not so easily satisfied. These discerning individuals will recognise the attention to detail and nuances. The high-gloss chrome finish elegantly emphasises the tapered edges. You can expect the same perfection in the functionality of the faucet as in the form.

You can choose between 3 different spout heights , different versions and countless installation options. Whatever choice you make, you are guaranteed an attractive appearance and easy operation over the lifetime of the faucet, thanks to GROHE SilkMove cartridges and GROHE StarLight chrome finish.

grohe kitchen eurodisc

GROHE Kitchen – GROHE CONCETTO – young dynamic sophisticate

Concetto combined  stylist minimalist design with superior ergonomics to reflect the core values of the cosmopolitan design. Consisting of a series of cylinders, an arched or medium height spout rises elegantly from the sink. Its purist beauty is highlighted by the high-gloss GROHE StarLight chrome finish which repels dirt and prevents tarnishing.

GROHE SilkMove  technology enables fingertip control of water flow and temperature. And all with an unbeatable price performance ratio.

The tried n tested faucets with a flat and high spout are combined with medium-height variants to ensure the right kitchen faucet in the distinctive Concetto design for every sink and requirement – optionally in a stainless steel look.

GROHE Kitchen Concetto range also offers variants for functional kitchens for installation in front of a window, with dishwater shut-off valve or for low pressure applications.

GROHE rapid SL


GROHE Rapid SL is a concealed flushing system, installed within or in front of dry studded walls, for application with two prong wall hung toilets. Simply choose a toilet bowl to satisfy any design preference and elevate the comfort and convenience of the bathroom.

Whether you’re planning a remodel for a small bathroom or want to reduce water consumption in the home, GROHE Rapid SL allows the bathroom to be transformed into an oasis of relaxation and comfort by offering a choice of quick and secure ways to fix wall-mounted sanitary ware with a number of advanced flushing solutions.

GROHE Rapid SL Inspired Design Solutions

Whatever the size and shape of a bathroom, with GROHE Rapid SL, you‘re no longer restricted to four walls. Thanks to our versatile frame system, the layout and design choices for bathroom renovations are endless.

Mid- and full-height walls can be introduced not only to ‘zone’ wet and dry areas but to provide additional space for sinks and bidets, while our corner solutions allow for use in tight spaces. Ideal for commercial settings, the in-line installation of Rapid SL accommodates side-by-side application.

GROHE Rapid SL benefit include

Space saving alternative

Because the water cistern can be installed within the wall , GROHE Rapid SL saves approximately six inches of space compared to a standart toilet with a tank.

Hygienic solution

A wall hung toilet mounted to Rapid Sl carrier does not touch the floor offering a hygienic solution for easy and thorough cleaning.

Easy maintenance

For internal maintenance , the actuation plate can be easily removed to expose the flush n discharge valves through the opening behind the plate.

Since the Rapid SL is a concealed system, noise is considerably decreased in comparison to a traditional toilet. In addition, GROHE Whisper technology provides low-noise fittings, while the pneumatic actuator further reduces noise.


Grohe kitchen faucet

GROHE kitchen faucet

GROHE kitchen faucet , with GROHE K7 we are redefining the focal point of your kitchen. In the kitchen , a lot depends on skill and timing. Professional chef know this better than anyone. That is why the K7 has also been developed in professional kitchens with input from professionals n geared to the needs of homes chefs.

Design and functionality in perfect harmony.

With the minimalist design idiom of the GROHE K7 , designer Paul Flowers has accentuated the aesthetics of high end , purist kitchen  and combined perfect beauty with perfect function. The GROHE K7 is so functional that you can devote your full attention to what you are doing.The professional spray can be pulled out , turned n swivelled 360 n operated with one hand. Furthermore , you can switch back n forth between the spray n mousseur without having to turn off the water. Voila

GROHE kitchen faucet – GROHE EUROCUBE

GROHE Eurocube is a kitchen centerpiece that exudes architectural appeal with cutting – edge, geometric styling and pristine quality.

Eurocube , semi pro faucet with a pull out spray head was designed as a professional tools for cooks who enjoy comfort n convenience in the kitchen. Mounted on a spring hose with 360 movement. the toggle spray function allows for seamless switching back n forth between regular water flow n spray without turning off the water. offering ultimate flexibility n a truly professional performance. Developed in response to the rising number of home chefs who prefer commercial – grade function, this new version of the GROHE kitchen faucet Eurocube features a striking appearance in addition to its quality professional features.

Eurocube also features two of GROHE’s trademark technologies. GROHE SilkMove ensure smooth n precise  control of the water flow , while GROHE StarLight finish provides a scratch n tarnish – resistant surface for a lifetime of beauty.

grohe kitchen eurocube

GROHE kitchen faucet – GROHE bridgeford

For those who surround themselves with the comfort of a simpler time , Bridgeford , completes a traditionally styled kitchen without sacrificing 21st century performance. Old world detailing is perfected on the Bridgeford. wideset , bridge and bar faucet , while the pull down dual spray model brings modern functionality to a Victorian styled kitchen. Bridgeford GROHE kitchen faucet feature GROHE SilkMove. technology for effortless water control n are available in GROHE’s durable oil rubbed bronze finish , brushed nickel infinity finish, n striking GROHE StarLight chrome.

grohe bridgeford